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Does it pay to complain?

A White House study shows that there are substantial rewards for companies that pay special attention to their dissatisfied customers. Read more...

Deep Six!

A lost Soviet submarine. A mad, reclusive billionaire. A dangerous covert salvage from the bottom of the sea. A Cold War espionage thriller? No, it’s the true… Read more...
Del Meyers

He changed the way we live

Even if you’ve never heard of Del Meyer, you’ve been touched by his work. He has been awarded 26 patents during his 35-year career. None, however, has had more… Read more...
Chris Funk on bars

A special child

Christopher Funk is a cheerful, handsome 5-year-old who enjoys playing with his friends in the schoolyard and showing off his drawings in kindergarten class.… Read more...
Your waistline

How Calvin Klein knows your waistline

Manufacturers regularly use statistical data to aid in designing their products and in scheduling production to meet the needs of the market place. By using… Read more...
Second Chance

Second chance

Her house in Atlanta’s Grant Park section is special to Barbara Brewer. She spends long hours making it comfortable, cleaning and decorating, working hard to… Read more...


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