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Four strangers become inextricably bound when they put their lives on the line to help a mysterious old man complete a harrowing journey to avert mankind’s extinction. Read more...
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No disease is more deadly or more enigmatic than the genetically engineered virus known as “Saint Vitus.” Seconds after infecting its victim, the neurotoxin causes massive hemorrhaging, madness, convulsions and inevitably ... death. Read more...
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The Millennium Project: Quantum Reboot

FAST, FURIOUS AND SO FINE! Massucci has given us a fascinating look at the possible downfall of western civilization should an evil cyber-genius have his way. In this many-level story, Russian hacking of our strategic defense satellite network is a mask for a much more insidious plan for boundless… Read more...
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The Sabbath Experiment

With the most important scientific discovery in history at stake, the elusive Dr. Jonathan Sabbath will stop at nothing to keep his incredible experiment the world’s most closely guarded secret. Only one man can expose Sabbath’s deadly scheme with its promise of immortality — a fertility doctor who… Read more...
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The Resurrection of Andrew Finsbury

AVAILABLE NOW! When Andrew Finsbury realizes he’s dead, he journeys to the darkest valleys of Hell to confront his murderer and save the woman he loves. Read more...

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