Self-Taught Musician

Joe Massucci is a recording musician, who played his way through college and grad school during the ’70s.

Joe doesn’t travel to clubs to play these days, but he built a permanent stage in his Canyon Lake house’s great room, where he performs for friends and also records music.

PHOTO: Joe and his daughter Jennifer practice guitar c. 1992

Joe Jen guitar

TRACKS (Joe & Pat)

If I Had A Million Dollars

No One Needs to Know

Bach: Two Part Invention No. 1

TRACKS (Jennifer Massucci)

Created September 2020

DIY Recording

Who Did What

Info for Gear Heads


Joe Massucci: Vocals, guitars, bass, synth programming, engineering/audio production, photo
Pat Pedersen: Vocals, harmonies, keyboards
Jennifer Massucci: Vocals (Sandra Dee & Landslide)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe Massucci

Gear and Studio Stuff

HARDWARE: Dell 8200, Roland SC-880 64-voice synth module, Mackie 1402-VLZ mixer, Alesis ADAT, Roland GR-33 (guitar synth), Roland VG-88, MOTU 828 AD/DA converter, MOTU Micro Express MIDI controller, Sure SM58 microphones, DBX Project 1 compressors, Peavey 215FX EQ, Mackie SR1530 active monitors

SOFTWARE: SONAR (Producer Edition), Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge, Timeworks EQ & Compressor, iZotope Ozone mastering software

INSTRUMENTS: GUITARS: Godin ACS-SA, Ovation Elite, Fender Telecaster; KEYBOARD: Roland JV-80; DRUMS: Roland SPD-20; MIDI: Roland SC-880

Home music stage
Home music stage

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