When Andrew Finsbury realizes he’s dead, he journeys to the darkest valleys of Hell to confront his murderer and save the woman he loves.


finsbury coverThe year is 1894 — the end of the great age of sailing. Andrew Finsbury wakens in a strange and beautiful land where a fellow shipmate and mentor recounts how he was killed when his ship was destroyed one dark, violent night.

The experience has a profound impact on Andrew. He finds himself suddenly back in his shop where he learns that his fiancée, Vanessa, has vanished at sea and is presumed dead. Andrew resolves to find who or what is responsible. Ignoring warnings from top naval authorities and superstitious sailors, he assembles a small but seasoned crew to help in his search.

Andrew also enlists the help of his younger brother, Eben, a naive schoolboy with a special destiny. Together, they venture across the wintry North Atlantic in a defenseless merchant schooner, tracking the course of Venessa’s lost brigantine.

As he follows a deadly trail of deceit to the Grain Coast of Africa, Andrew fends off ghastly specters of a dark and deadly world that are determined to claim him. In Africa, he encounters Jules Marart, a sadistic French slave captain and a master of the black arts. Marart crushes Andrew’s hopes of finding Vanessa by imprisoning him and his brother in the hold of a disease-ridden clipper ship bound for a penal colony in French Guiana, South America.

In a state of delirium, a fallen crew mate reveals to Andrew that he is already dead, an event that will take place in Andrew’s present two weeks hence. Caught between the world of the living and the dead, Andrew has two weeks to find and save Vanessa.

In Guiana, Andrew learns that Vanessa is alive and imprisoned on the islands by the colony’s warden, a ruthless governor named Philippe Rudler. The news, however, is bittersweet; he can do nothing to save her. Rudler sentences Andrew to witness the execution of his lady before subjecting him to a lifelong imprisonment of his own. But Rudler’s plan is thwarted when Andrew is inadvertently shot moments before Vanessa’s execution.

And so Andrew begins an odyssey through the Otherworld of the Dead, a horrific world shaped by his own sins, where murdered comrades offer frightful warnings and slain enemies command an army of beasts.

Aware of Vanessa’s dire fate at the hands of Rudler, Andrew vows to find a way to save her. Along the way Andrew discovers the truth about Rudler — he is a demon incarnated who has set in motion a plot to turn all nations against each other in a global war. All that stands between Rudler and world domination is Andrew.

Guided by his slain shipmates and driven by his love for Vanessa, Andrew unlocks the Otherworld’s grisly secrets, staying always one step ahead of an army of demons intent on keeping his soul in Hell. It is Andrew’s destiny to face Rudler in a final, apocalyptic duel. At stake is the fate of his soul and the life of the woman he loves.

And if he fails, the world will be forever changed.

A word about the afterlife….

Life after death is a subject that has confounded theorists, scientists, religious leaders and agnostics. A survey from the University of Chicago found that 81% of Americans believe in life after death, more than at any time in the past 25 years.

There’s no question that we are living in a time of expanding consciousness and growing spiritual awareness. The new Millennium carries with it powerful energy, awareness and, unfortunately, fear.

“The Resurrection of Andrew Finsbury” addresses the nature of our existence. It presents hope about our ultimate destinies and our power to love, which is most certainly an antidote to fear and desperation.

Joe talks about Andrew Finsbury

What’s the deal with “The Resurrection of Andrew Finsbury?”

MASSUCCI: Andrew Finsbury is my most personal novel. It’s certainly my most ambitious — I started writing it out of grad school and I refuse to publish it until I am completely happy with it.

Is it a techno-thriller?

MASSUCCI: No. It’s a turn-of-the-century paranormal thriller set in this life and the hereafter. A colleague described it as “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea meets What Dreams May Come.” (Click HERE to read sample chapters.)

What kind of paranormal adventure?

MASSUCCI: The occult element introduces readers to ghosts and otherworldly landscapes. The novel is a grand adventure — a journey that takes a desperate man to the darkest corners of the globe and, ultimately, to the valleys of Hell, where he must unlock the secrets of Eternity to save the woman he loves. Andrew’s emotional passage through a world shaped by his own sins leads him on a odyssey of self discovery, where he comes to terms with his destiny, his slain comrades he promised to protect, and to an ultimate confrontation with the man who killed him and those he loved. At stake is the fate of his soul and the life of the woman he loves.

The book creates a whole cosmology in the afterlife, combining elements of fantasy, drama, horror, and spectacle.

Interesting. So what are the secrets of Eternity?

MASSUCCI: That would spoil the fun. You’ll have to read the novel.

How does a techno-thriller author become interested in paranormal and New Age themes?

MASSUCCI: New Age literature enlightens us to the nature of our existence and the mysteries of the Universe — issues that innately fascinate most people. Turning these themes into action thrillers has always interested me.

These types of books aren’t new or obscure. The fiction and nonfiction bestsellers’ lists are full of this material. For example, James Redfield was on a fascinating road with THE CELESTINE PROPHESY. Sure, his style may have been awkward, but his insights, and the thrills his characters go through to find and understand them, creates an interesting read. I’d love to read more titles that blend these two genres.