With the most important scientific discovery in history at stake, the elusive Dr. Jonathan Sabbath will stop at nothing to keep his incredible experiment the world’s most closely guarded secret. Only one man can expose Sabbath’s deadly scheme with its promise of immortality — a fertility doctor who was murdered a half century ago.


sabbath coverDr. Jonathan Sabbath has perfected a way to achieve what nature has managed since life first emerged — create identical twins from a single embryo.

Sabbath builds a successful in-vitro fertility clinic with an elite clientele of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people. But there’s a dark side to his success: his patients are under the mistaken impression that their fertilized implants have unique DNA when in fact many are carrying identical embryos taken from affluent couples without their consent.

But why? When the astonishing truth threatens to surface, the clinic is destroyed in a terrible fire that claims the lives of the doctors associated with the scheme. Sabbath vanishes and is presumed dead.

Forty-seven years later, corporate attorney Nicholas Kaufman inherits a strange, archaic videotape — a confession from one of the clinic’s researchers who was killed in the fire nearly a half century earlier.

The implications of the confession are astounding, and Kaufman realizes he’s uncovered the story of the century: some of our most influential business and political leaders today may be impostors. The real leaders are being abducted as they ascend to power and replaced by their “twins,” who are helping to amass enormous power and resources to fund a daring project that will affect the world’s future.

But what is this project, and why hasn’t Sabbath surfaced for nearly fifty years?

Only one man can answer these questions and expose a plot to control the single most important scientific discovery in the history of mankind. That man is Dr. David Sheppard, a fertility doctor who was murdered a half century ago when the clinic was destroyed. Since then, Sheppard’s charred body has been kept cryogenically frozen in police forensic storage as evidence for the unsolved murders. Despite the risks and the staggering costs, Kaufman has Sheppard revived with new nano technology to learn the truth.

Meanwhile, several high-powered kidnapped victims of Sabbath’s scheme attempt a desperate escape from a prison on one of Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands. One of those kidnapped is Elizabeth Kendall, whose twin is about to become the next president of the United States.

Trusting no one, the unlikely band of fugitives must evade brutal assassins and even the military as they make their way home to expose the plot and reclaim their lives.

However, with the future of mankind at stake, an elusive and powerful Sabbath will stop at nothing to assure that his experiment remains the world’s most closely guarded secret.

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